Exclusive Curry's India Ink

  • Dense, opaque black ink for use on paper or board.
  • May be used with dip pen, ruling pen or brush.
    FW Artist's Ink Acrylic Based
  • FW Artists' Ink is an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 30 colors, 29 of which have a four star permanence rating, and the remaining one a three star rating. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colors makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display. The inks, being pigment based, are strong and rugged. Strong bold applications of FW can be made in the manner of John Piper or Graham Sutherland, where color strength, expression and fluidity are required.
  • Equally, however, colors can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to water color. Such washes will dry to a water resistant film and successive layers of color can be laid over in a highly predictable manner. Clearly the combination of subtle tone work with strong color overpainting suggests really interesting creative possibilities. Many graphic artists and illustrators will enjoy the particular handling and color characteristics of FW and can be assured at the same time of permanence as well as good reproduction. FW Artists' Inks work well through airbrushes and technical pens which can be cleaned by using Airbrush Cleaning Fluid.
    Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink

  • Drawing Inks are used where the main requirment is brilliance of color. A range of 23 colors is available offering outstanding brilliance and transparency. Because Drawings Inks contain dyes, they do not possess the lightfast properties of pigmented colors and should not be used in work intented to be dispalyed. The exceptions to this are Black, White, Gold and Silver which are pigmented.
  • The color may be diluted with water, it is important to use distilled water to avoid seperating of the dye from the binder. Dip pens and brushes are recommended for application of Drawing Inkes. Clean with water when working. Remove dry ink with Methylated Spirits followed by washing with soap and warm water. Unsuitable for use with fountain pens.
  • Introductory Set No.1: 8 colors in 14ml bottles: Black, Blue, Scarlet, Canary Yellow, Emerald, Nut Brown, Orange and Violat
    Staedtler Mars Black Ink
  • Instant starting ink for tracing and drafting paper.
    Speedball Super Black India Ink
  • Opaque, black waterproof ink specially formulated by the pen and ink specialists.
  • Contains 100% carbon black pigment for excellent lightfastness.
    Daler Rowney Calli Calligraphy Ink
  • Calli is an acrylic based range of pigmented water resistant inks designed specifically for use in calligraphy, where optimum flow characteristics from the pen or brush are essential. Calli Inks have excellent color strength, and are produced in a range of six colors, although each is fully intermixable with the others.
  • Calli Inks should restart as efficiently as fountain pen ink if the pen cap is replaced after use. Should the inks become dry in the pen or on the nib they can be cleansed by Daler-Rowney Airbrush Cleansing fluid
    Koh-I-Noor Acetate Ink
  • Made especially for clear acetate as well as coated and uncoated film.
  • Ink can be removed with alcohol or water from film, but is waterproof on paper.
  • Available in black only