Make sure that the bearing oil cooler is reconnected the right way around - the hose from the lower of the two fittings on the oil filter adapter on.

Enerfin (RHP) bearing oil coolers are assembled as new equipment or replacement units to be installed in the most restricted areas in oil pots.
Enerfin designs and manufactures a complete line of custom bearing oil coolers. Using our extruded aluminium fin tubing, our coolers (type RHP) will give you the maximum surface required for your application.

We can offer various options to satisfy your request, ie; interior or exterior oil coolers with leak detector option.
Enerfin bearing oil coolers for motors and generators provide more cooling surface using fin tube construction.

In order to limit bearing oil cooler temperature to an acceptable value, auxiliary cooling means must sometimes be employed. The most common method is to insert a bearing oil cooler manufacturer into the thrust bearing oil cooler.
Improperly installing the torque converter can force the crank forward damaging the engine thrust bearing oil cooler.

Designs and manufactures immersion-style bearing oil cooler heat exchangers for industrial generators and motors. Many pumps have a bearing oil cooler available to provide the necessary cooling.

We also experimented with a vacuum cleaner in reverse to blow plenty of hot air through the gear box thrust bearing oil cooler to simulate desert conditions, but hot or cold air, the cooler hardly made any improvement.
A gear box manufacturer had told us before that we could expect trouble with a bearing oil cooler's operating completely submerged under oil.