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Holding nearly 15 lbs of laundry, the newly designed SoftLine by Thor can handle more towels, sheets and clothing than any other combo washer dryer available.

You'll never transfer laundry again with the Thor combo washer dryer. This energy-efficient and amazingly quiet laundry machine offers all the cleaning power of a full-size washer, in a compact combo washer dryer combination. Thor offers all the features you'd expect in a premium laundry machine, in a size that fits your home.

Order online direct from Thor! See how easy it is to add a Thor washer/dryer to your home or apartment.

Every Thor Combo Washer Dryer exceeds tough ENERGY STAR efficiency standards. Learn more about Thor's commitment to building energy-efficient laundry products.

Unbeatable Versatility - Thor APEX is perfect for last minute washing, a quick wrinkle release in the dryer, or a full weekend of laundry. No other laundry solution gives you so many options.

Dual Drying Power - The only laundry system with two independent dryers, APEX does double-duty to help you finish your wash in record time. Expanded Capacity - The Thor APEX offers the additional capacity of a 220 volt vented dryer, in compact 24" size that fits even the tightest of spaces. Energy Star Efficiency -The APEX continues Thor's legacy of providing a full line of efficient ENERGY STAR rated laundry machines.

Thor Laundry Pedestal Now you can raise any Thor model laundry combo washer dryer machine 12" off the floor for easier loading and unloading. The new pedestal fits both Thor washer-dryer models and the new Apex stackable washer dryer set.