An expert witness engineer must demonstrate fair reporting of facts, expertise in the field of relevance, and poise under pressure. An effective expert witness engineer will be able to describe complex issues in a clear and powerful manner.

Our investigators have been accepted as expert witnesses engineers at various judicial levels in a wide variety of engineering disciplines thanks to the multi-disciplinary nature of our firm. We have had great success in providing engineering expertise to the trier of fact in large claim lawsuits. Our experience has included both defence and plaintiff testimony.

We undertake investigations in a wide variety of accidents and engineering disputes and can provide expert witness services in three main areas. Discover the best mechanical engineering expert witness testimony and accident
reconstruction and investigation service, from a consulting engineering firm.

Forensic Engineering expert witnesses providing expertise and consult in the
areas of electrical engineering, failure analysis and industrial accident. And the key could turn out to be the expert witness a company hires to lend credence to the attorney's case.