The ideal solution for Halon replacement and most special hazard applications.
Fine Water Spray, a water-based fire protection technology totally unaffected by enclosure integrity, has changed the approach to fire safety by offering a reliable and safe means to extinguish fires. The small droplets delivered by the Fine Water Spray system provide rapid cooling of the fuel and fire plume, and subsequent extinguishment by oxygen depletion.

The Securiplex fire-scoop 2000, Fine Water Spray system, is the ideal approach in the protection of various equipments to reduce fire-related damages. Its efficient extinguishing capabilities and low water consumption eliminate expensive cleaning and water decontamination.

A complete range of power utilities can be efficiently protected by water mist:

  • Co-generation plants
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Gas-Fired power plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Waste energy plants