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People often pay too much for their insurance or go without essential protection. In dealing directly with the customer, BELAIRdirect helps you profit from real savings.

Like thousands of Ontarians do each month, ask for a free estimate now and learn how you can save money and receive the complete protection that you need., the on-line insurer

After was launched in 1995, BELAIRdirect became the first P&C (property and casualty) insurer to sell insurance on the Internet. Now, for auto, home or travel insurance, you can get a free, no-obligation quote in a matter
of minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and buy insurance on-line. For over 45 years, BELAIRdirect has been doing business directly with consumers, which means savings and even faster service.

Today, BELAIRdirect is:

- operating in 2 provinces (Quebec and Ontario);

- over 950 employees;

- 4 call centres;

- 19 branches.

BELAIRdirect is a member of ING Group, one of the world's largest integrated financial services providers. BELAIRdirect has been offering value-added, up-to-date auto insurance programs for over 40 years.

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