We provide custom designed kiosk hardware and software solutions. At the heart of a kiosk hardware is the project itself, to find out more about our kiosk hardware range please select a link below.

Select a design that matches the kiosk hardware location in-store and best complements your store’s look and feel. Choose a kiosk hardware with standard health or food graphics, or create a custom treatment to match your store’s colors and branding.

Irwin-Industrial is s a leading manufacturer of kiosk hardware for all types of applications. Any tangible portion of the kiosk project falls into the hardware category. Depending on the type of kiosk you require, this can be simply a metal enclosure with a touch screen monitor and PC inside. More complex kiosks have more hardware components inside such as card readers, printers, telephone handsets, ruggedized keyboards, ruggedized pointing devices and other specialized peripherals.

The hardware is typically the most expensive component of the kiosk project. After you order the kiosk hardware, we manufacture it to your specifications, equip it with the peripherals you select, finish it based on your instructions, then ship it directly to you.
Your kiosk hardware consultant will assist you with understanding all of the options and with making the best choice for your application.