This is a legendary performance power boat with stepped-bottom hull. The most significant investment in the high-performance power boat market by any manufacturer in at least a decade. Displaying the design excellence of one of the World's most innovative boat creators, the new range of Supertenders offer more than just a luxury-designed, custom-built, high performance power boat, they provide a complete watersports experience tailored to your requirements, with decks configured for parascending, waterskiing and scuba diving.

Whether you're looking for the simplest dinghy or the ultimate in power boat
performance, you're sure to find all the equipment and expertise you need. You are about to read about a new surface drive system employing technology that may be as important to performance power boating as the invention of the stern drive.

Small claims it is an ingenious, cost-effective way to dramatically increase the performance of a traditional in-board-powered planing hull. If you want an performance power boat to go faster, you would normally have to reduce the beam and increase the available horsepower.

In the past, converting an existing performance power boat, which originally was designed for internal combustion propulsion engines, to electric propulsion, usually resulted in a dramatic reduction in performance and speed. This poor performance record is because the planing hulls of most modern power performance boats are designed for high-speed operation.